The Digital Circle

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We are passionate
about online freedom,
permaculture and open tech.

We work remotely spread around the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal and provide digital services, consultancy, and products to regenerative networks and organisations.


We met in the Permaculture Collaborative Laboratory - CoLab where we continue to collaborate and volunteer, and you can join too ;) .
Today we are collaborative micro-enterprise, that as the misson to support a just transition by building capacity among grassroots movements to contribute to the research, design and stewardship of emerging and established Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) & other digital infrastructure which aligns with pemaculture ethics; including open knowledge, opensource, free software and open hardware; and resilient, renewable, local and low-energy ‘appropriate technologies’.


We provide green hosting for wordpress instances and web development with open source tech.

Wordpress Hosting

We’re running open source Nextcloud on a green computing, all align with permaculture ethics.


Would you like to get some consultancy about your next online project or website?


Do you have an idea and need a Communication and Marketing Strategy?
Or just a logo or a full branding system?


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